All negative UK news in the next decade to be rebutted with “DON’T BLAME ME, I VOTED…”

Trigger warning, this post contains usage of the font “Comic Sans MS”

Brits who thought the most cretinous political debate in recent history was drawing to a close are slowly waking up to the fact that this is merely the beginning.

Years upon years of torturous finger pointing ensues as of Friday in what may prove to be the worlds biggest echo chamber of futile shit on record, bumper stickers, social media and all newspaper comment sections are expecting record loads of deliberately divisive content.

Artists impression of your future, to be posted on everything in the next decade.

Scientists are working feverishly to re-engineer the popular Godwin’s Law with British referendum variables, the original law theorises that if an online discussion goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism, by swapping key variables to Brexit & Bremain scientists hope to try and calculate the long term effects of the referendum, alas so far much like the future it’s been a colossal waste of time and effort.

Meanwhile the entrenched elite continue to dine at the trough at your expense, regardless of the result.

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