I own and this now forwards here, so if you’re particularly fond of bears then maybe you’d like to see a mash up of a celebrity in ‘suitable attire’ I certainly would, but alas my image manipulation skills are laughably out of date, do people still use Paint shop pro? What do you mean no?

Anyway if YOU have some photoshop skills you could create a delightful celebrity mashup, here are some celebrity ideas to get you started

Tony Bear
Jake Bugg ered up the arse

Please do pixelate out any erm ‘parts’ though, I can be tweeted on the right. If you don’t use twitter email me at this domain, I have a catchall, if you don’t know what that means just mail any old bollocks If you’re still struggling go home, if you’re at home goto bed, if you’re in bed well done, a large hairy man is winging his way to join you very soon.