Long standing “Mummyjacking” world record finally broken.

Brighton parent Amy Friar is set be the latest name in the Guinness book of records, the feat came after posting a short status update referencing her daughter Alicia on social media giant Facebook, it took a mammoth 12 minutes and 27 seconds before another parent commented and shifted the focus onto their child Harry, smashing the previous record by 36 seconds.


The process known as “Mummyjacking” is so common place that 32 year old Amy is confident the record will hold for some time “All parents and children were in attendance because obviously you’re not allowed to leave anyone out nowadays, anyway there’d been quite a long argument with the magician that all the parents were filming, so nobody had checked Facebook, this was coupled with a transmitter issue causing very poor mobile data speeds, it was the perfect environment for it and frankly I can’t see similar circumstances happening again”

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