Your favourite party in 2015 is probably not what you think.

Record votes are expected in the 2015 election after an announcement this afternoon that two of the planets biggest shitehawk professions are joining force, the move sees Politicians and Public Relations in a bid to entirely overhaul and ‘rebrand’ the voting system using facebook as the platform.

Whilst many applaud an overhaul some critics are sceptical after the new party logos were revealed, citing them as ‘clickbait‘ and ‘appealing to the pinnacle of morons

All parties are given the same amount of screen real estate and a simple Like button registers your vote.


The major parties keen to avoid another hung parliament remain adamant however this is an absolutely necessary step, in a speech David Cameron assured those with fears the system is open to abuse that every possible angle had been looked at.

We’ve taken steps to ensure that only those who should be voting will have their vote count, we have a number of fail-safes and while I can’t go into too many specific details I can assure you that anyone who has ever clicked Like and commented on a photo expecting it to somehow move will have their vote expedited to the bin

Hopefully there’s enough space in there for you too Dave.


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